CorePower Yoga – Mission Viejo

My Beginnings in yoga…

The CorePower Yoga Mission Viejo Studio is where my Yoga Practice began.  This is my “home studio” and also happens to be a five minute walk from my office.

My beginnings in yoga involve a rather humorous story.  In close proximity to the studio is an all you can eat sushi restaurant.  Several colleagues and I made it a monthly habit to devoured sushi and other Japanese vittles.  One cool February afternoon in 2016, we stumbled into the CorePower Yoga studio after engorging ourselves on our monthly sushi feast.  We decided that since it was a new year, we’d give that yoga thing a try, and try to be healthy for once.  Ha!!

To our amusement, the attractive yoga studio manager quickly turned us away and said that it was not advisable to practice yoga, especially hot yoga, after eating 10 pounds of sushi.  She continued to say that yoga is a pretty intense workout and one really should not practice on a full stomach.  However, she kindly invited us to return another day to try one of their introductory classes.  She continued to describe the various classes the studio offers and the times in which each class starts.  Much like the teacher in the Charlie Brown Cartoons, all I heard her say was “blah blah blah, noon, blah blah blah 3:15, blah blah. Hope to see you soon!”

That evening I went to Target and bought a basic yoga start up kit for beginners — a cheap mat, some cheap workout shorts and a cheap workout shirt.

The very next day…

To the stunned look of the managers face, I returned the next day at noon; as I swear I heard her say was an “easy” introductory class for beginners.  Little did I know, it was an intermediate “C2” class with some pretty “advanced” postures.  Keep in mind, I did not know what a “downward dog” was, nor had ever heard of any warrior pose in my life!  However, the manager introduced me to the teacher and I explained to both that I had never “done the yoga thing” in my life and they both assured me that it was ok.  That they’d work with me.

I quickly changed my clothes in the locker room and found my way into the heated room.  Since this was my first time practicing yoga, I do not recall much of what we did.  I DO recall getting my ass thoroughly kicked on that small 3’x6′ cheap mat and slipping all over it like the greased pig.  I also recall being completely drenched — dripping with sweat as if I had just exited a swimming pool.  I also recall learning why CorePower Yoga is called CORE Power Yoga  — because somewhere in the middle of practice, there is a pretty intense core sequence of a variety of core exercises.  But I also recall those nice relaxing postures after the core sequence — the yin postures.  I also recall the final resting pose, savasana — where you are asked lay still on your back with your eyes closed!  What’s not to love about that?

Upon returning to the office, I was very tired — I hadn’t worked out like that in years, if not decades!  However, I also recall experiencing the magic of yoga for the first time — ZEN.  I was chill, relaxed, stress free and it felt amazing!

After that first “trial day” I signed up for CorePower’s free week. During that time, I found my way to the mat five of the seven days.  Nirvana.  Love at first site.  I was found.

I have since signed up for CPY’s Black Tag Membership, which allows for unlimited use at any studio across the USA.  To this day I have visited  roughly 12 studios in 6 different states!

Studio, classes  and amenities

The CorePower Yoga Mission Viejo Studio has a very nice boutique  featuring yoga apparel and popular yoga gear.

The studios has two large rooms for yoga.  They are known as Studio 1 and Studio 2.  Studio 1 is the largest room, however they can both easily accommodate 30+ yogis.   Both studios have mirrored walls and provide both blocks and straps.  Each studio contains a few spray bottles to spray on your towel to help provide a better grip on your mat.  One bottle is plain water, the other is infused with essential oils.  The studio also provides an orange oil spray to spray on your towel to help prevent an odorous towel from disrupting your practice.


The Mission Viejo location offers a wide variety of classes, most of which are vinyasa style classes, in which poses flow with the practitioner’s breath to movement.

  • C1 (a 60 minute non heated class)
  • C1.5 (a 60 minute lightly heated class)
  • C2 (an intermediate 60 to 75 minute heated vinyasa class)
  • C3 (an advanced 75 minute heated vinyasa class)
  • Yoga Sculpt (a 60 min, lightly heated cardio class, utilizing a variety of small weights while holding common yoga postures)
  • Hot Power Fusion (a 60 to 75 minute intermediate hot yoga class.  The hottest class available).

Locker rooms

The studio offers very clean locker rooms for both men and women.  In the men’s locker room there are roughly 3 to 4 dozen lockers, 4 showers, one is a handicapped stall. Within each show they provide all the necessities, liquid soap, shampoo and conditioner.  They are filled nearly everyday.  The locker room also has  2 sinks with more toiletries, such as cotton swabs, mouthwash, lotion, and soap.  There are also 2 urinals and an enclosed toilet stall.

I have never seen the women’s locker room, but my assumption is they are similar to the men’s locker, but cater to the needs of women.

Studio 1

Studio 1 is the larger of the two studios at the Mission Viejo location.  Studio 1 tends to be used for the larger classes such as Yoga Sculpt.  It can be noted that since this room is the larger of the two it can take a longer time to heat, so sometimes the room doesn’t feel as hot as it should — especially if you’re a heat junkie like myself.

Studio 2

Studio 2 is my favorite studio at the Mission Viejo location.  It is a little smaller, heats up quicker and has a new heater installed as of March 2017.  The heater works fast and heats quickly.  The humidifier is also very strong.

However, it is also worthy to note that this room has westward facing windows and during summer months, the hot sun can add additional heat and sunlight.   So if you are not as much into the heat, you might want to choose a spot away from the windows and more toward the side mirrors.

Join me there!

I can be found on my mat in Mission Viejo studio nearly every weekday at 10:00 am for Hot Power Fusion or at noon for C2.

I am also there on Saturday mornings for the 75 minute C3 class or Sunday mornings for their 75 Minute Hot Power Fusion Class.

Periodically I can be found on Wed afternoons for the 4:15 C2, or the 5:30 HPF.  Or on Friday evenings 75 minute C2 class at 6:15.

Mike 2             mike 1

Contact info and location

28892 Marguerite Parkway Suite 100
Mission Viejo, CA 92692

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