CorePower — Aliso Viejo

The Aliso Viejo studio is perhaps my second most frequented CorePower studio.  It’s only a few miles away from both my home and office and therefore makes a fantastic change of scenario.  For almost a year, I have come to frequent this studio nearly every Wednesday for their 75 minute Advanced C3 class (until recently when I started seeing a nutritionist on Wed evenings).

Studio, classes and amenities

Similar to all CorePower Yoga studios, the Aliso Viejo studio has a very nice boutique featuring yoga apparel and popular gear for both men and women. In my opinion, the Aliso Viejo studio has the largest selection of menswear compared to other CPY Studios. In addition to their large array of yoga equipment (mats, towels, blocks, etc.), it’s common to find a decent selection of men’s shorts, shirts and sweatshirts. Pay particularly to the sale rack as it’s not uncommon to find merchandise at a 50% discount.

The Aliso Viejo studio is the first CorePower Yoga studio in South Orange County, and therefore the oldest and smallest. However, in true CPY fashion, the studio is very clean.

Since the Aliso Viejo studio is the oldest in South Orange County, it only has one large room for practicing yoga. The studio has mirrored walls — one in the front of the class and on left sidewall, (if you’re facing the front of the class).

They also provide both blocks and straps, in addition to weights that can be used for the sculpt classes.

The studio also contains a few spray bottles to spray on your towel to help provide a better grip.  One bottle is plain water; the other is infused with essential oils.  The studio also provides orange oil spray to help prevent an odorous towel from disrupting your practice.

Nearly every “spot” in this studio provides for a pleasant practice. However once in a while if you are near the window and are attending an evening class, there is a slight glare from the sun that enters the room. If you prefer an “uninterrupted” practice, free from glare, I’d suggest finding a place more toward the center of the room. However; if you like the natural elements and perhaps a slightly warmer practice, find a space space near the windows.  That’s usually where I can be found.


The Aliso Viejo location offers a wide variety of classes, most of which are vinyasa style classes, in which poses flow with the practitioner’s breath to movement.

  • C1 (a 60 minute non heated class)
  • C1.5 (a 60 minute lightly heated class)
  • C2 (an intermediate 60 minute heated vinyasa class)
  • C3 (an advanced 75 minute heated vinyasa class)
  • Yoga Sculpt (a 60 min, lightly heated cardio class, utilizing a variety of small weights while holding common yoga postures)
  • Hot Power Fusion (a 60 minute intermediate hot yoga class.  The hottest class available).

Locker rooms

The studio offers very clean locker rooms for both men and women.  In the men’s locker room there are roughly 3 to 4 dozen lockers 3 showers where one is for handicapped practitioners. Within each shower they provide all the necessities, liquid soap, shampoo and conditioner.  They are filled nearly everyday.  The locker room also has 2 sinks with toiletries, such as cotton swabs, mouthwash, lotion, and soap.  There are also 2 urinals and an enclosed toilet stall.

I have never seen the women’s locker room, but my assumption is they are similar to the men’s locker, but cater to the needs of women.

Join me there!

Contact me if you’d be interested in meeting up at the Aliso Viejo studio. I’d be happy to meet you there for an hour of sweat!

Contact info and location

26711 Aliso Creek Road Suite 100
Aliso Viejo, CA 92656

Its next to the movie theaters in Aliso Viejo – in the small hallway between Buffalo Wild Wings and the other restaurants.

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