About Me

“Yoga is the martial art of the soul, and the opponent is the strongest you’ve ever faced: your ego.”  — Unknown


My journey in yoga began in early 2016, so I am pretty new to yoga. Shortly after starting my practice, it quickly evolved into a daily ritual.  I must emphasize that I am a hot yoga fanatic.  I am still working to develop a home practice, but if I do not find myself in a heated studio, my day does not seem complete.  I know…

What brought me to yoga is probably what brings most people — a somewhat of a chaotic home and work life.  When I say somewhat, it’s probably an understatement.

To start, I have full custody of an active 8 year old boy and work a full time job with some travel.

I live in Orange County, California and work in sales for a company that deals directly with investment banks, hedge funds, institutional investors and top notch business schools.

Since my job requires travel, I have made it a point to practice yoga while on the road — thus, The Wall Street Yogi was born.

This blog will document my yoga practice — primarily while I am on the road.  Since I frequent CorePower Yoga studios, it will often serve as a review for CorePower studios too.

Stay tuned Folks!  The fun is about to begin!