Earth Day Yoga


Earth Day,Β  a refreshing reminder of spring.

I began my day, as I usually do most Saturdays with a vinyasa flow at the CorePower Yoga, Mission Viejo studio. The class I took was an 8:30, 75 minute heated C3 class. What inspired me the most was that the vinyasas were very earthy and grounding with two separate peak poses toward the end. I’ll briefly describe the two poses below and provide a few pictures to show you what they look like.

The practice began like most practices at CorePower Yoga, with sun salutations – which is always a very Earthy way to start your yoga practice, especially a morning practice. Following the sun salutations, we flowed into the various warrior poses, worked our stomach muscles during CPY’s core sequence and gently moved into the two peak poses of the day.

The first peak pose was Svarga Dvidasana, or better known as the bird of paradise pose. I found this pose to be perfect for Earth Day for a couple of reasons. For starters, a bird of paradise is a flower name, and this pose resembles the flower. Secondly, because it’s a challenging balance pose that requires a lot of trust and confidence with your legs and feet – in other words, your roots need to be firmly grounded to successfully master this pose. In my current practice, I have been working hard on my balance and the only challenge I had yesterday was straightening my leg once it was elevated.

Bird of Paradise

The second pose was Gomukhasana, or also called cow face pose. For this pose, the practitioner is required to sit cross-legged with your knees stacked upon one another and your arms behind your back clasping your hands together. If the practitioner is unable to reach their hands to complete the bind, a strap can be used.Β Β  Unlike a lot of people, I am very flexible and find this pose to be very refreshing – as it stretched both your shoulders as well as your hip flexors. I also found this pose very appropriate for an Earth Day practice because it’s a seated pose that requires you to be grounded on Mother Earth.