San Jose Winchester Studio

As you may have figured out by now, every time I travel for work or pleasure, one of the first things I do is seekout the nearest yoga studio. Since I am a Black Tag member at CorePower Yoga, my first preference is to find the nearest CorePower Studio. Luck for me, San Jose has several CPY Studios!

This visit was no difference. Immediately after getting off the airplane from Orange County (SNA Airport), I headed straight for my hotel, got checked in and set up my booth at the San Jose Hilton.

Upon setting up my booth, I checked the CPY App and saw the Winchester studio is 4 miles away from the hotel and offered a C2 Class within an hour. I got set up, flagged down an Uber and hightailed it to the studio with time to spare.

Winchester 2

Studio, classes and amenities

As with all other CorePower Yoga studios, The Winchester CPY has a very nice boutique featuring popular yoga apparel and gear for both men and women. They offer a nice selection of menswear such as shorts and tee shirts. Quite often its common to find a small selection of menswear, and more often than none, the selection is XL or L, neither of which fit me. However the Winchester location has a nice diverse section of all sizes from which all men can choose.

Winchester 1

Similar to other CorePower Yoga studios, there are two large rooms for practicing yoga. Each studio has mirrored walls — all of which are in the front of the class and on left sidewall, (if you’re facing the front of the class).

In true CPY fashion, the studios are very clean.

They provide both blocks and straps, in addition to weights that can be used for the sculpt classes.

The studio also contains two different spray bottles to spray on your towel to help provide a better grip. One bottle is plain water; the other is infused with essential oils. The studio also provides orange oil spray to help prevent an odorous towel from disrupting your practice.
Studio 1 is smaller of the two, however is a hotter room in general. I am a heat seeker, so I like studio 1 the best. Nearly every “spot” in this studio provides for a pleasant practice. However, I have been told the front center is hottest.

Studio 2 on the other hand is the larger of the 2 and as such takes longer to heat up and isn’t as hot as studio 1. However, it is larger and does fit nearly two times the amount of students as studio 1 can hold.

Winchester 3

I was not able to find any specific locations that were hotter than others. I even practiced under the humidifier. As I have previously said, I am a heat junkie. I like it nice and swampy!


The Winchester location offers a wide variety of classes, most of which are vinyasa style classes, in which poses flow with the practitioner’s breath to movement:
C1 (a 60 minute non heated class)
C1.5 (a non heated Vinyasa class — much like C2, minus the heat).
C2 (an intermediate 60 minute heated vinyasa class)
Yoga Sculpt (a 60 min, lightly heated cardio class, utilizing a variety of small weights while holding common yoga postures)
Hot Power Fusion (a 60 minute intermediate hot yoga class. The hottest class available).

Locker rooms

The studio offers very clean locker rooms for both men and women. In the men’s locker room there are roughly 3 to 4 dozen lockers 4 showers where one is for handicapped practitioners. Within each shower they provide all the necessities, liquid soap, shampoo and conditioner. They are filled nearly everyday. The locker room also has 2 sinks with toiletries, such as cotton swabs, mouthwash, lotion, and soap. There are also 2 urinals and an enclosed toilet stall.

I have never seen the women’s locker room, but my assumption is they are similar to the men’s locker, but cater to the needs of women.


757 Winchester Blvd #150, San Jose, CA

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  1. Craig Mankini says:

    Wow very informative blog Mike awesome job they must love you at CPY

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Mr Mankini. You outta get on the mat soon. That way you’ll look great in your Mexican Mankini! 😱


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