A C3 Class — Streeterville Style


Upon finishing the final day of the Quant. Invest Conference in Chicago, I took a look at the CPY app to see what other classes were available since I had a few hours to kill before the closing dinner event.

Initially, I wanted to take the 9:30 PM Candlelight HPF , but I had already taken Fusion earlier in the morning, so I wanted to see what else was available.  I discover that at 5:45  on Thursday evenings, Streeterville offers an advanced C3 Class.  C3 is perhaps my favorite class offered by CPY.  Its the most advanced class and usually has fun and creative teachers filled with like minded yogis and often times has interesting peak poses.  The Streeterville C3 class proved to be no different in that sense.

The class was taught by Lauren S.  Lauren has been teaching yoga for 8 years — many of those years at CorePower.  How Lauren’s C3 class differed from other C3 classes that I had taken was the sheer speed in which she ran the class.  It was fast and furious!  Quite the opposite of the “slow and controlled” practice I have been focusing on as of lately.

Lauren had a very creative vinyasa flow filled with lots of twists and inversions, crow poses, chaturangas, and a ton of warrior poses 1, 2, side angles, etc.

Her flow started as many often do with sun salutations, albeit fast sun salutations. Following the Sun A and B sequences, several variations of Warrior 1 and 2, reverse warriors, side angles, triangle poses into some of the twisty poses like chair twists, prayer twists, Shiva twists, more chair twists into side crow poses followed by standing splits, revolved half moons, half moons, and wide legged forward folds with various inversion variations.

All of these poses led to her peak pose of a frog pose into tripod head stand into a side crow, back into the headstand and back to frog.  She had us perform this on both sides.  Very challenging, but very fun!!  I personally was able to do the right side, but was no where near completing it om the left.  Again, its a yoga practice, not a yoga perfect!

I really enjoyed Lauren’s C3 class.  I will definitely take more classes with her upon future visits to Chicago!  Fellow yogis visiting Chicago should discover the fun classes offered at the Streeterville location.

Namaste Chicago!


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